The EP7800 Car Parking Sensor System with LCD Monitor gives you opportunity to prevent from car crash. This model compare to EinParts EP7500 has 8 sensors. The accuracy is up to 1 cm and on the display you will see the distance in meters to 2 decimal places.
Einparts EP7800 helps to prevent dangerous and costly collisions (front and rear part of vehicle).

Rate voltage: 12V DC
Rate operating range: 9V – 16V DC
Detecting distance: 0.2 – 2.0m
Alarm distance: 0,4 m – 2.0 m
Ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz
Working temperature: -30 – 80 celcius degree
LCD display: 2,2″ with built-in buzzer
Display working temperature: -20 – 70 celcius degree
8 black (painting allowed) Parking Sensors:
– 2 for rear-left, 2 for rear-right
– 2 for front- left, 2 for front-right
Sensor diameter: 25 mm
Drill diameter: 22 mm
Removable sensors: now you can change each one if necessary